Cutting The Dead Weight: Editing Your Speech And Why It Matters

Cutting The Dead Weight: Editing And Why It Matters - Centrepiece Writing Studio - Shannon Marshall - Victoria, BC

I was in my garden this week, culling the dead flowers, and like any good speechwriter, my mind turned to editing.  After all, pruning and editing are a lot alike.

If you just groaned, I hear ya – editing’s a chore.

You’ve already poured so much time and energy into the first draft, and now I’m asking you to go back and do another round?  I know – brutal!

But a solid revision can be the difference between a mediocre speech and one that launches into orbit!

That’s why I always recommend setting your first draft aside (preferably for a day or two) so you can come back and look at it fresh.

Just as crispified flowers divert energy from the living plant and detract from the overall beauty of your garden,  too many words can make your speech feel clunky and muddle your message.

Unnecessary words, wrong words, cumbersome and cluttered words that veer off on a tangent instead of getting to the point… they all droop and create clutter.

And that, my dear friend, makes it harder to connect with your audience.

If you want your speech (or profile or cover letter…) to flourish and thrive and blossom and attract hummingbirds…

Be Ruthless – Cut That Dead Weight!

In a perfect world, you’ll read your draft out loud. Any spot where you trip needs a rework or a cut.

Sometimes whole paragraphs have to go.

I know – so sad!

That’s why, I always keep a cut sheet – think of it like a flower vase – a document where I save those beloved words I worked so hard to write.

You never know, there may still be life in that old paragraph yet! But more often than not, you’ll re-read it a few weeks later and realize it’s destined for the compost.

Toss it with a clear mind!

The Take-Away Here:

Prune the dead foliage to help your garden breathe.

Cut the dead weight to help your speech breathe.

It’s as simple as that.

Now go find your writing shears, and hack away til your speech is light enough for blast off!




PS: The good news is, I do this all day long.  If you’ve got a bloated draft you need to pare down, DM me to book a free chat.  Together, we got this!

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Shannon Marshall - Centrepiece Writing Studio - Shannon Marshall - Victoria, BC

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