Nervous About Public Speaking? Here’s A Little Secret…

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"To the average person, if you have to be at a funeral,
you would rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy." - Jerry Seinfeld

Whenever I stand to speak in front of a group, my poor introverted body goes into survival mode: my palms sweat, my heart races, and my hands even shake a little, causing my notes to flutter in front of me.

You too?

I do the power poses, the deep breathing, the visualizations to prepare – and it helps to a certain extent – but I always feel like I’m outwitting the giant cane that is definitely plotting to pull me offstage.

Afterwards though, I never get anything but love from the audience: You’re such a great speaker…  What a natural!…   I’ve always admired your presentation skills…

Huh? Were we at the same event?

It was a mystery to me for a long time, until I discovered this truth: all these big feelings… that very real rebellion going on inside my nervous system… it’s all neatly tucked away where no one else can see it.

Remember this, because it will help you on game day:




Your audience is sitting in their comfy little seats, brimming with joy because it’s you up there and not them.

They are 100% ready to be entertained, educated, even persuaded.

So go ahead: Wipe your palms, take a deep breath and feed ’em what they’re hungry for.

Whether it’s a brilliant toast, a thought-provoking reflection, or a heart-felt eulogy… get up there and kill it.

‘Cause you got something to say, and your audience wants to hear it.  You got this!


PS: The good news is – if you don’t got this, I offer a safe space – with supportive guidance – to practice your speech, whatever the occasion.  If your sweaty palms and wobbly knees are keeping you from expressing yourself… DM me to book a chat and we’ll get you all fixed up.

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Shannon Marshall - Centrepiece Writing Studio - Shannon Marshall - Victoria, BC

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