The Power And The Glory


"She said Tell me are you a Christian, child?
And I said Ma'am I am tonight."
- Marc Cohn, Walking in Memphis

“Do you know the Lord’s prayer?”

The question – called out to me by a stranger on the street – catches me off guard.

This guy is vaguely familiar to me. He and his girlfriend sit in a doorway with their stuffed backpacks. I imagine they may be under-housed. Calling out greetings to the passersby.  I had smiled as I’d walked past, returning a friendly wave.

And now, this question from left field: Do I know the Lord’s prayer?

I cringe inwardly.

Is it leading up to a creative request for spare change?

Am I about to have my WASP-y ass handed to me?

I pause, calculating the risk.

Curiosity gets the better of me: “Sure, I know it.”

“Let’s hear it!”  he commands. He seems cheerful, and yet his volume feels a little challenging.

Suddenly it feels like a test.  But of what?  My boundaries?  My courage?  Does he think I don’t know it?

Of course I know the Lord’s prayer, I think indignantly.

But do I feel like reciting it here on the street?  That feels a little…


But I’ve had a weird year.

Another pause.

I decide we’re going to be weird together.

“Do you know it?”  I ask.  “Let’s say it together.”  Now they pause.

“I know it,” says the girl shyly.

Okay then.  We start off: Our Father, who art in heaven…

And suddenly I am back in Sunday school, rattling off the Lord’s prayer almost by rote.

But as I listen to the words, they take on new meaning out here on the sidewalk with my new friends.

Reverence. Abundance. Forgiveness/Renewal. Discipline. Celebration.  It’s all here.

The fellow joins in.  We trip a little over the trespasses part, quietly laughing to ourselves.

Our voices instinctively get louder as we near the end: “For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory – forever and ever – Amen!”

We finish exuberantly with cheers and high fives, the power and the glory alive in this moment of grace.

I am reminded:  there is value in surrendering to the moment… In delivering myself from suspicion and fear… In allowing space for the sacred to reveal itself.

I set out on my day refreshed, awakened from the mundane, the three of us smiling and waving to each other as we part.

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Shannon Marshall - Centrepiece Writing Studio - Shannon Marshall - Victoria, BC

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