Unfocused Squirrels Running Wild – What If The Answer Is Simpler Than We Think?

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You do the hokey-pokey and you turn yourself around
... That's what it's all about!
- Dance craze

Do you ever have a day where you’re feeling scattered and disorganized? You’re excited-distracted-anxious and your brain is whirring a million miles an hour?

And… it’s the exact same day you have to get your butt in your chair… you’ve got a speech to write, a cover letter to draft, a blog to tackle?  (Hey me too!)

Which should be awesome right? Speed = momentum!

Except you’re not racing in any particular direction – you’re running from tree to tree like an over-sugared kid chasing squirrels on Halloween!

That’s the day I’m having.  I accidentally slept in and it’s thrown off my whole vibe. I did a lunch-time yoga intensive to help get back on track.  (OM! OM! OM! OM!)

But it didn’t happen.  The bike ride home, combined with my mad dash to eat afterwards (starving!), just kept the wheel spinning.

What to do?

Here’s what I do:

Roll with it.

Guess what? Life is erratic and unpredictable. We’re human. (Surprise!)

We set up routines and habits and schedules and reminders to keep us on track, but sometimes life still bucks us off.

We don’t get to control every damn thing.  Having an off day from time to time keeps everything real.

When I’m feeling squirrelly – instead of trying to drive an octagonal peg into a square hole – I try to match my task to my energy.


Cartoon drawing of Shannon asking "Who's In?"

Match Your Task To Your Energy


When we feel fidgety, bouncy, or jittery, our body is telling us to MOVE.

So, in this case, matching my task to my energy means using that need for exertion to my advantage.

It might mean crazy-cleaning the house, calling a spontaneous dance party, getting out in the garden or helping a neighbour push their car to the gas station.

There are a million blogs out there to help you buckle down and get your nose to the grindstone if that’s what you really need.  And I’m not negating the importance of commitment and discipline.

But doesn’t it feel so good… (wouldn’t it feel so good…) to work with your energy instead of against it?

Keeping a variety of high- and low-energy tasks on my to-do list (as well as creative and practical items), allows me to do just that.  It means I can tailor my daily activities to suit how I’m feeling, rather than the other way around. And either way, I know I’m getting things done!

So go ahead and swing your arms up in the air… wrap them gleefully around yourself in a giant love-squeeze and proclaim:

⭐️ It’s All Okay! ⭐️

 Because guess what?

It’s all okay!

That speech you’ve gotta finish – it’s gonna get done when the time is right.  (Right after you re-arrange all your furniture!)

You got this.


PS: The good news is – if you don’t feel like you got this, I write for a living.  If you’re trying to draft a toast, eulogy, reflection or cover letter, but you can’t stop doing the hokey pokey and turning yourself around… DM me to book a chat and we’ll get you all fixed up.  I won’t even make you push my car around the block.

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